Engraved Promise Ring

I n many cases, the custom of giving an engraved promise ring is a lot like exchanging engagement rings. Both events signify serious commitments for one thing, although an engraved promise ring can express more than love or romantic sentiments.

In fact, many people who purchase an engraved promise ring do so for their friends or family members rather than for a romantic partner. One of the most appealing aspects about the engraved promise ring is that they enable the giver to add his or her own personal touch to the gift, making it all the more special. Any gift that is given with good intentions is certain to be appreciated of course, but the fact that the giver has presumably taken the time to think out a few endearing words to engrave onto the gift will definitely make the receiver feel even more grateful.

Engraved Promise Ring – The Personal Touch
Apart from thinking of what message you will have inscribed on an engraved promise ring, you will also have to consider the design and crafting of the ring itself. You will have to choose what the primary material will be for instance, and this will have a considerable effect on both the price of the promise ring as well as its final appearance. Nevertheless, it is the message that is the focal point of engraved promise rings .

A good way to start off your “project” is by compiling a list of messages that you could have engraved on the ring. You don’t necessarily have to come up with full blown messages right away either, and even just a few lines or short phrases should give you enough ideas for a more thorough message later on. At this point you are only gathering ideas for your engraved promise ring so try not to censor yourself or edit your feelings.

A lot of promise rings also bear other information aside from the engraved sentiment. A couple in a relationship may opt to include details such as where they met or exchanged their first kiss for example. They could also include various other details of the relationship, although not too many of course, since there is after all limited space on a typical ring. In any case, adding these little details will make your promise ring even more unique and memorable. One other thing to consider is that while typical motto’s or sayings will likely be seen on more than one set of engraved rings, adding details that are unique to your relationship will definitely help ensure that your engraved promise rings are “two of a kind”.

Still other people opt to include the lyrics to a song–even just a few lines of it–or lines from a poem that may hold a special meaning for the couple. Again this is a great way to add a personal touch to the practice of giving a promise ring.

Engraved Promise Ring – A Special Gift

Many ideas for gifts have been done to death by now, and it takes something special to be truly remembered. Although not as expensive as other gifts, an engraved promise ring can definitely be considered “special”.


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