Diamond Promise Ring

A diamond promise ring may not be an engagement ring, but it comes fairly close as far as rings go. This article takes a look at the diamond promise rings , including what they’re for and how you can choose the right one for a loved one.

What’s A Diamond Promise Ring For?
A diamond promise ring, while not a promise for marriage, is a symbol of a person’s commitment to a boyfriend or a girlfriend, serving as a symbol that the relationship is serious. Oftentimes, a diamond promise ring serves as a forerunner of an engagement ring, serving as a nonverbal promise that the giver has plans of marrying the recipient of the ring at a later date.

While it’s usually women who are given promise rings, it’s not unheard of for the ladies to give a promise ring to their special someone. The ring is usually worn on the ring finger of the left hand. However, some people choose to wear the ring on the ring finger of their right hand so that it won’t be mistaken as an engagement ring.

What To Consider When Buying A Diamond Promise Ring

Some of the factors you will want to take into consideration when shopping for a diamond promise ring include:

  • Cost. The first factor that you will want to take into consideration is cost. While a promise ring may not be expensive as an engagement ring, it can still be pretty pricey. This ring can easily set you back between $100 and $400. As such, be sure to take the time to shop around to find the ring that’s beautiful but is also budget-friendly.
  • Style. Make sure that the promise ring you get fits the person’s style and taste in jewelry. Does he or she like wearing colored or colorless diamonds? What kind of metal should the diamond be set in? Would he or she want a solitaire ring or would he or she prefer one set with other stones? Would he or she prefer a contemporary or an antique ring style? Make sure to find out these things before purchasing the ring.

A promise ring is more than just a fashion accessory. While it may not represent the same commitment as would an engagement ring, this shows the givers sincere intent to take the relationship to the next level. If you want to give your loved one something that will best represent your commitment to him or her, consider giving that person a diamond promise ring.


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