Christian Purity Promise Ring

Ever since young Hollywood actors have been spotted wearing a Christian purity promise ring, a lot of people (teens in particular) have taken to wearing promise rings, with some choosing to don these for the sake of fashion and not anything else. What these individuals don’t know is that there’s a deeper meaning behind theChristian purity promise ring that goes beyond it being merely a fashion statement. This article takes a look at what the Christian purity promise ring is about.

What’s A Christian Purity Promise Ring For?

A Christian purity promise ring, otherwise known as a chastity ring or an abstinence ring, serves as a visible symbol of the chastity of the wearer. Teens are usually the ones who wear these rings, usually after taking a vow to practice abstinence until their wedding.

The practice emerged in the 1990s when certain Christian groups began promoting sexual abstinence, with their members wearing these rings as a visible representation of the vow they took to remain chaste until marriage.

More often than not, the ring is a plain band in either sterling silver or inexpensive gold, although some fancier rings can come with gemstones. However, it’s also not uncommon to find a Christian purity promise ring that carries Christian signs or symbols, such as:

  • A cross;
  • Unopened rose buds;
  • The Christian fish (Ichthus);
  • WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?);
  • JMJ (Jesus Mary Joseph); or
  • True Love Waits.

Lockets and pendants can also be worn as an alternative to purity rings.

Where Can You Get A Christian Purity Promise Ring?

The promise ring is usually given by Christian churches to participants who attend purity ceremonies or programs, talks that promote abstinence and teach young Christians to value the virtue of purity. The ceremony itself may be simple or elaborate, depending on the style of the church. Alternatively, parents can also give a promise ring to their son or daughter if they want to impress the virtue to them. A boyfriend and a girlfriend may also wear these rings to show their commitment to each other, as well as a promise of marriage in the future. Some individuals may also purchase and wear a promise ring out of their own volition so that it will serve as a symbol of their faith and commitment.

A Christian purity promise ring is more than just a fashion statement. Wearing a Christian purity promise ring will not just serve as an accessory to your finger – it will also serve as a silent symbol of both your faith and your commitment to uphold it.


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